Salvatore Schillaci, Italy

Salvatore Schillaci, Italy

Salvatore Schillaci was born on 1st December, 1964, in Palermo, Sicily, from a poor family. Nicknamed TotÚ, Salvatore Schillaci would eventually play for an amateur team, Amat Palermo, in his home town.

Football career
He kicked-off his footballing career proper by signing for Sicilian club, Messina, in 1982 and stayed here for seven years scoring numerous goals in the process. He left Messina to join Juventus, Turin, in August, 1989 and began playing in the coveted Serie A. Remaining with Juventus until 1992, TotÚ then transferred to Inter Milan where he didnít enjoy a great record. He then joined Japanese club Jubilo Iwata in 1994.

World Cup history
It wasnít until the 1990 World Cup in Italy that Salvatore Schillaci was really noticed, however, yet would quickly be impressed on the hearts and minds of every Italian football fan. He debuted as a substitute in the 1990 World Cup and incredibly won the Golden Boot for scoring six goals.

His first goal came against Austria when he came on for Andrea Carnevale and he then went on to score against the USA, Czechoslovakia, and Argentina respectively. Italy lost the match against Argentina, but regained some face after beating England for 3rd place; Salvatore Schillaci striking once more from a penalty.

Post playing career
Salvatore Schillaci retired from professional football in 1999 with only seven international goals in sixteen caps, scoring just one more goal after the 1990 World Cup. Today, Schillaci has returned to Palermo in Sicily where he owns a youth academy of football.

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