Oldrich Nejedly, Czech Republic

Garrincha, Brazil

Oldrich Nejedly was born December 26, 1909 in Žebrák - then Czechoslovakia. He was one of the best strikers to come out of Czechoslovakia and lived to the ripe old age of 80.

Football career
His football career saw Nejedly playing predominently for AC Sparta Praha, where he scored an impressive 162 league goals. He also earned a considerable number of caps and scored 29 goals for his country.

World Cup history
Oldrich Nejedly played in two World Cups - World Cup 1934 in Italy and World Cup 1938 in France - and was one of the top goal scorers in the 1934 cup with four goals. He originally shared this accolade with two other players, Angelo Schiavio of Italy and Edmund Conen of Germany, yet FIFA revised the tally in 2006 (16 years after his death) awarding him a previously disallowed goal which brought his tally to five, thus making him sole top goal scorer. Nejedly also went on to score two more goals in World Cup 1938.

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