Hristo Stoichkov, Bulgaria

Hristo Stoichkov, Bulgaria

Hristo (Khristo) Stoitchkov was born on February 8th, 1966, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and is known as one of the all time greats regards left-footed players. Stoitchkov played on the left wing and was also known for his free-kick and penalty taking, fast acceleration and fiery on-pitch temper.

Football career
Hristo Stoichkov started out with club Harmanli in Bulgaria and later moved onto CSKA Sofia. He wasn’t here long before being snapped up by FC Barcelona and then Parma AC, while finishing off his career in the US with Chicago Fire and then DC United.

World Cup history
Among Stoichkov’s many awards and trophies was the Golden Boot Award for his magnificent six goals scored during the 1994 World Cup, which he shared with Russia’s Oleg Salenko. Hristo Stoitchkov helped Bulgaria reach the semi-finals of the ’94 cup with that performance. Stoitchkov also played at Euro 96 in England and the 1998 World Cup in France, before finishing his international career with a respectable 37 goals in 83 appearances for Bulgaria.

Post playing career
Hristo Stoitchkov then moved into the world of football coaching, beginning as a forwards coach at Barça in the 2003/2004 season. After Bulgaria’s early exit from Euro 2004 he was named Bulgaria’s new national team coach.

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