Nuremberg FIFA World Cup 2006

Franconia Stadium

Nuremberg FIFA World Cup 2006

Originally built in 1928, the Franconia Stadium in Nuremberg has had an interesting history; the Hitler Youth used the stadium during the Nazi era and after the war the US army put the excellent sports facilities to use. Today, the stadium is FC Nuremberg’s home ground and it has been completely refurbished, with a seating capacity of over 55,000 for the FIFA World Cup 2006 matches.

Nuremberg overview
Although the city was largely flattened from Allied bombers during World War II, Nuremberg has been reborn and is a vibrant city. A favourite with tourists at any time of the year, Nuremberg will be particularly exciting for visitors during the FIFA World Cup 2006 due to its many distractions and buzzing night scene.

Nuremberg hotels World Cup 2006
There are several good areas in Nuremberg where hotels and bed and breakfasts are plentiful, including downtown Nuremberg and the Altstadt, but rooms will have to be booked way in advance of your intended visit as the city will be full during the FIFA World Cup 2006.

Nuremberg shopping and nightlife
Nuremberg has many pedestrianised areas to enjoy shopping during the World Cup 2006 and a web of tangled alleys and side streets hide cute antiques and arts & crafts stores, as well as fashionable boutiques. The Altstadt (old town) is the place to head for nightlife, with numerous beer halls, breweries, pubs, bars and clubs and for the more refined visitor, the theatre is also here.

Nuremberg attractions
Nuremberg's Altstadt is the best choice for sightseeing if you have limited time during the FIFA World Cup 2006, where the streets are pedestrianised and everything can be seen on foot. You can still see the ruins of the ancient walls and ramparts that enclosed the old town, while the imposing Kaiserburg building hangs over the city. Also worth seeing is the huge Zeppelinfeld arena amphitheatre, and the Justice Palace, where the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal took place.

Getting to Nuremberg
Nuremberg Airport is just a few kilometres north of the city centre and it receives flights from all over Europe. Connections with the city are frequent and provided by shuttle buses and taxis, while those hiring cars should take the B4 or the B2 into the city centre. Six major autobahns feed Nuremberg from all directions and you can also get here by rail from afar, via Frankfurt.

To avoid disappointment during Nuremberg’s World Cup 2006 matches, it is essential that you book travel tickets way in advance of your intended travel date.

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