Gelsenkirchen FIFA World Cup 2006

Arena AufSchalke

Gelsenkirchen FIFA World Cup 2006

The Arena AufSchalke is a modern stadium that is home to Schalke 04 and will hold group stage matches as well as a quarter-final match at the FIFA World Cup 2006. Aufschalke boasts a retractable roof and a capacity to seat over 53,500 people.

Gelsenkirchen overview
Gelsenkirchen is an historic city, more than a thousand years in the making, and has a few notable attractions, as well as excellent shopping and entertainment options. The city centre is a bit of a concrete jungle, yet those here for the FIFA World Cup 2006 will be in for a treat as there are plentiful pubs and bars to celebrate.

Gelsenkirchen hotels World Cup 2006
Gelsenkirchen’s complement of hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts are likely going to be booked out during the World Cup 2006 matches and booking as far ahead of time as possible is essential, unless you fancy sleeping on a park bench.

Gelsenkirchen shopping and nightlife
If you have some spare time on your hands during FIFA World Cup 2006, the main shopping area of the city is Bahnhofsstrasse, which is located in the heart of town and features a plethora of brand name stores and fashionable boutiques. Cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs are also in abundance, while the Musiktheater Gelsenkirchen provides a more refined evening.

Gelsenkirchen attractions
Other notable attractions in the city include the refurbished 16th century Horst Castle, with its magnificent glass hall and non-stop cultural events, the impressive Ruhr Zoo, and Gelsenkirchen Science Park. Gelsenkirchen also has many green areas to relax in during the World Cup.

Getting to Gelsenkirchen
Gelsenkirchen doesn’t have its own international airport, but Düsseldorf International Airport is only an hour away and transport facilities from here to Gelsenkirchen are very good. If you are travelling to Gelsenkirchen by train, you will usually have to go via Essen or Dortmund, which both receive international rail services.

Flight and rail tickets during the various FIFA World Cup 2006 matches will be difficult to get and, as with accommodation, it would be wise to book ahead.

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