Frankfurt FIFA World Cup 2006

Commerzbank Arena

Frankfurt FIFA World Cup 2006

Originally known as the Wald Stadium, the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt is located across the River Main and was an easy choice of venue for the FIFA World Cup 2006 as it boasts extensive facilities and is easy to get to. Extensively refurbished, the Commerzbank will be able to hold up to 48,000 spectators for the World Cup 2006.

Frankfurt overview
One of Germany’s major urban centres, Frankfurt, nicknamed Mainhattan, has an excellent transport infrastructure as well as numerous worthwhile attractions. Shopping and entertainment also feature heavily, which will provide visitors with alternatives during the FIFA World Cup 2006.

Frankfurt hotels World Cup 2006
Frankfurt is a very busy city and its hotels get booked up quickly during trade fairs and the like. It is therefore going to be extremely busy during the FIFA World Cup 2006 so booking way ahead of time is important. Most major hotels are located in the centre of Frankfurt.

Frankfurt shopping and nightlife
Shoppers should head for Schweitzer Strasse, which offers fashionable boutiques and a plethora of other brand name stores; this area also boasts numerous quality eateries. Frankfurt also enjoys a vibrant night scene, with more beer-gardens, bars and discos than you could poke a stick at. The best areas for nightlife are Alt-Sachsenhausen, Fressgasse’, Zeil, and Römerberg, while the infamous red-light district is on the north bank of Main River.

Frankfurt attractions
Frankfurt is known for its historical buildings and awesome museums, and the Altstadt (old town) is a tourist hot-spot. If you have time during the FIFA World Cup 2006, there are several worthwhile museums, including The Museum Embankment, which boasts fine art and war museums, and the Goethemuseum, which features works by the famous writer.

Getting to Frankfurt
Franfurt’s Flughafen Frankfurt-am-Main airport is one of the world’s busiest, with two massive terminals and flights coming in from destinations worldwide; there are many daily connections from London alone. Buses, trains and taxis all run to the city centre, as does A3 autobahn and route B44. Frankfurt’s Hauptbahnhof is equally as busy as its airport, with 1,600 trains arriving every day from destinations around Europe.

Although transport services in Frankfurt are excellent, there is going to be a high demand for seats aboard planes, trains and buses during the FIFA World Cup 2006. As with accommodation, booking ahead of time is essential.

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