Dortmund FIFA World Cup 2006

Westphalia Stadium

Dortmund FIFA World Cup 2006

Built for the 1974 World Cup, Dortmund's Westphalia Stadium is the biggest football ground in Germany and will have a capacity to seat over 83,000 fans during the FIFA World Cup 2006. The Westphalia Stadium will host group games and a semi-final clash and recent refurbishments to the stadium will ensure excellent facilities for spectators.

Dortmund overview
Located to the northwest of Düsseldorf in central western Germany, Dortmund is one of Germany’s largest cities and boasts a long history. As the city is the brewery base of Germany, it is no coincidence that there are more breweries here than anywhere else in the country. Much of the city was destroyed during the war, yet the city has some quality attractions and museums, not to mention the plethora of nightspots and beer halls.

Dortmund hotels World Cup 2006
As with other city venues during the FIFA World Cup 2006, Dortmund’s hotels and bed and breakfasts are going to be bursting at the seams and will need to be booked way in advance of the matches to ensure a bed.

Dortmund shopping and nightlife
There are a number of quality shopping areas in Dortmund for those looking for an alternative to drinking before or after the matches of the FIFA World Cup 2006. These include Ostenhellweg in the heart of the city and Hansastrasse for the fashion guru. There are also many places to celebrate, with beer halls, breweries galore, pubs, bars and lots of clubs, while theatres and cabaret venues provide alternatives.

Dortmund attractions
Dortmund has many quality museums, including the Museum of Art and Cultural History, the Ostwall Museum and the Museum of Natural History, while the Brauereimuseum (Brewery Museum) will be of most interest to many. You can also take a glimpse of the horror of the Third Reich at a former Gestapo prison or take in the beautiful parks and gardens.

Getting to Dortmund
Dortmund Airport is located to the east of the city and although it receives overseas flights, you may have to fly via the likes of Frankfurt from certain European destinations. Trains run to the city from a nearby station, which is accessible by shuttle bus, while buses run to town throughout the day. The B1 autobahn and route L672 provide road access to the city from the airport and several autobahns converge on Dortmund, making getting here by car straightforward.

Trains and buses also run to Dortmund from major European cities, but you will have to book tickets ahead of time during FIFA World Cup 2006 to avoid disappointment.

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